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 Englewood Artist Retreat
Highplains Art Ranch
in Sundance Wyoming

I've had a lot of people ask me about small point and shoot digital cameras lately.
I've even been in the market for one myself to use as a small back-up camera.
So I've read the reviews and then made it a point to stop and play with them at places like
Office Depot and Circuit City etc., to get a "feel" for them.

After checking them all out, I decided on the Canon S5 camera.  It's light and small compared
to my professional cameras... has a good zoom lens, quick response time and many nice
features including image stabilization.  So I purchased one from Office Depot along
with a fast 4 gig memory card... and I gave it to my friend Marie who was leaving for a one week
artist retreat in Wyoming.   Marie is an amateur photographer with only basic knowledge,
and I thought it would be a good test of this camera's abilities to have her use it on her trip.

The following pictures are all from the Canon S5 camera and are in the approximate
order that she took them.  She'll be doing the narration on this page to tell about her trip.
I'll comment with a "Note:"  from time to time on the quality of the pictures and performance of the camera.
 But all in all... I am very pleased with the pictures that Marie and this camera took.


Here I am in the Badlands of  South Dakota

This is Englewood Artist Cindy Reynolds, who is an art instructor
at the North Port Art Center in North Port Florida and the Art Alliance on Dearborn Street in Englwood Florida.  Cindy offers many different
classes and paints private commission work.  Cindy organized this artist retreat for her students and friends. 

For more information you can visit Cindy on her photo web site at:

Or call her at:  (941) 473-0530 


My adventure started at 4:30am to catch a plane in Ft. Myers
With a quick layover in Chicago

The High Plains Art Ranch is located 
in Sundance Wyoming on 100 acres.

Our hostess was Judy Hamm and she can be reached at 
307-283-1872 or  visit their web site at

The ranch sleeps 10  hunters , artists and/or vacationers 
who all enjoy the wide open space and privacy.
The house is solid and large and laid out very well inside
View from the side porch.. 
Everywhere the scenes are picture perfect.
Front Yard
Side yard
Back yard

Bar -B-Que on the porch...  with an excellent view.

Our Hostess Judy Hamm in her ultra modern kitchen...
the meals she prepared were fantastic!
Jaynee Etter of the North port Art Center wants to help . 
Jaynee can be reached at
or call the North port Art Center at (941) 423-6460.

The small camera flash does a fine job of lighting this entire room....


A dining room with a view

The artist studio area was set up in the garage

Note:  Crisp clear and full of depth... 
these kinds of landscape photos aren't always easy.
This camera handles depth of  field very well


This photo takes me back to one of my all time favorite movies...

"Close Encounters"


Note:  This was a rainy day picture, 
and so lacks the contrast of a sunny day and blue sky.



I'll always remember "Paul Neuman" in the movie 
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid... 
I just heard that Paul Neuman died today  -  September 26, 2008

Local artwork was inspiring for us florida artists

Shopping was of course totally different. 
There were all kinds of pottery, dolls ,boots, and paintings are for sale.







Badlands Nation Park in South Dakota








Mount Rushmore was awesome and we had the perfect day to photograph  this unique western monument


George is super cool in profile !


Chief Crazy Horse is a work in progress and supposed to be
10 times the size of Mount Rushmore when finished
Below is a replica of the finished work of art 
that will take many years to finish.

Bison otherwise known as Tatanka to the indians.

Fighting Stallions at the Chief Crazyhorse Monument / Museum


This the Wyoming group of artists who joined our painting group...
It was great to meet and work with them.

Buffalo skull in the Crazy Horse Museum.

Sahah Rogers water color animals are vivid works of art.

Wild Turkey Anyone ? 
Turkey in the backyard of famous western artist, Sarah Rogers

Interesting farm equipment but I have no idea what it is for.

Karen was one of the guest artists. She invited all of us to her 800 acre ranch and it was one of the highlights of our trip... they have their own canyon... do you know anyone with their own canyon?

This is Freckles the mule on the Turgeon Ranch... very friendly and curious.

This is only "part" of their canyon

The  Turgeon  Horses

Les  Turgeon,  I love all the turquoise in his hat

Moon rise over the hills.

Note:  Camera is firmly seated on a fence post   1/5th of a second at 3.5
Very sharp  -  and good auto focus in very low light

The National Park down the road from Judy's ranch.

Must have been used for target practice more than a few times. 
They do a lot of hunting out here!

No fences here... cattle roam the range and are rounded up when needed

Trout stream at the "A Ranch"  in the National Forest.

This is a really cool log cabin barn!
Don't see many of these in Florida :)

Looking for a small town ?

 This general store has something for everyone.

Anybody for a Buffalo Burger?

You are here....

Abandoned house  -  Good fixer upper ?
It probably comes with 100 acres of land

Judy and her puppies...there were 4 of them 
but I couldn't tell them apart.

Judy's home made bread...the best ever!

Jaynee had to have just one more hat.

The Wyoming guest artists enjoying lunch at the art ranch.

Our artist workspace

Steve Etter, accomplished artist and instructor at the North port Art Center is in the beginning stages of  his buffalo painting.

Artists at work.




Steve's buffalo.

Jaynee's hawk... beautiful!

Just having lots of fun!




This was my version of  The Devils Tower







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