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Wounded Warrior Project
The Rotonda Golf & Country Club

to benefit

Iraq / Afghanistan War Veterans

This event was held on January 10, 2009 at the Rotonda Golf and Country Club Hills Course and Palms Course in Englewood Florida.
This event costs $100 per person and included 18 holes of golf, with raffles, prizes and a prime rib dinner at the Hill's Country Club.

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This is Greg Rineer with his military issue saber...  He was in charge of the event, and I had the privilege of traveling the Hills course with him as he met with each of the teams to personally thank them for participating hand out prizes on the course as they played.  For more info you can contact Greg at 697-4839

Ready to eat government issue meals were handed out to the players 
at the 18th hole.  Varieties included choices like chicken fajita's, 
cheese tortellini vegetarian, spicy penne pasta, chili and macaroni, 
beef enchilada and others.    Mmmmmmm Good :)

As we traveled the course... Greg spoke with each team to offer his personal thanks for their participation and to hand out valuable prizes

To keep things fun and interesting there were some strange things to do along the course and each team had to participate
At this hole, team captains had to don the military issue backpack 
and helmet and carry this M-1 rifle.  This team captain got a little 
carried away and captured his own team  :)

As we traveled the course backwards... I tried to photograph each of the teams.  Sorri if I missed anyone but it was 36 holes of photographing people on the move.  These team photos are free for the taking.  Just right click and choose "save image as" to save.  Full sized hi-resolution photo's are available upon request for $10.    Contact Robert



Volunteers along the course were also giving out yummy
Hershey Chocolate Bars that were donated to this cause


The Hills course is a beautiful golf course in Rotonda Florida that is 
open to the public.   Click here for pictures of all the Rotonda Courses.




These volunteers selling raffle tickets on the course to 
raise more money for this worthwhile cause




They even had this genuine Rocket Launcher at the course for all to see

Interesting place to sit.  Anybody got a match ?
Check out the rifling inside these rocket tubes.  Those curved lines 
inside each tube is what makes the rocket spin as it comes out of the
tube to make the projectile go further and straighter just like the 
barrel inside a gun

After covering all the holes on the Hills course, I drove over to 
the Palms Course to see what they were up to.

The Navy Seals SUV had a fantastic paint job... and the slogan 
at the bottom states...      "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday"

These volunteers were handing out cold drinks to the players and 
enjoying a special little "thank you" drink from one of the players



More meals were given away on this hole
to anyone that got their ball inside the circle




I thought his guy was the most colorful player on the course :)



This coffin held cold drinks for everyone





About 10:30 I heard planes approaching from the east 
that were helping to promote the Wounded Warrior Project.


The planes were cleared to fly as low as 1000 feet for this event, 
and I guess it was a little intimidating for this flock of white ibis that
took wing each time the planes passed


 The planes didn't seem to effect the Turkey Vulture above
But kept the ibis in the air going in the opposite direction.

I thought this was an interesting shot of them sharing the same air space

The Palms course also had a checkpoint for the players to wear the military vest and helmet... but no one was around when I went through
the checkpoint so I donned the outfit myself and had one of the volunteers take my photo.  As a Vietnam Era Vet, it instantly brought back some haunting memories.  Back then they spit and threw rocks at the guys coming home from war.  I'm glad they honor our troops these days.






More volunteers with raffle tickets, chocolate bars and cold drinks



Back at the Clubhouse...  volunteers were preparing for the dinner and prizes ceremonies.  Here are just a few of the prizes they were offering

And this volunteer had a cold beer for everyone when they returned

A couple of quick family portraits while I'm here
Loved the sunglasses, and had mom look at grand mom 
and the kids to capture their reflections on the lens

One last team photo before I go

One of the proud sponsors of of the Wounded Warrior Project
Crest Cadillac of Venice Florida


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Thank you for visiting.   Hope you enjoyed the project.

Best wishes to all the troops wherever you are :)

Robert Shainline 
CTR-3  U.S. Naval Security Group Command

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