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Brought to you by West Central Florida Adventure Racing Club
WeCeFAR.  This was a 30 hour endurance race / triatholon which started in Myakka River State Park and took racers through the swamps via canoeing, biking and hiking all the way down to Carlton Reserve in Venice and back to Myakka State Park.   You can find out more about Adventure Racing on their website at

These photos are in the approximate order that I took them.


Welcome to Myakka River State Park in Sarasota Florida

Racers sign in before light on Saturday morning, February 16th.
Officials go over the rules and last minute secret changes 
to the trails they will have to follow

At 7:00 am... the race began with about 100 racers running a few miles
through the jungle in Myakka River State Park.

Ready... Set...  Go !


After finishing the first treck... with the sun just starting to rise... 
racers come back to the starting point and pick up a canoe 
for the second part of the race
Some raced right into the water... 
while others took the scenic route

Of course there is always some danger lurking

Welcome to the upper Myakka River

At the end of a short paddle, racers abandon their boats
and run for the 70' canopy walk about a half a mile away

Here they are forced to climb the 70' tower and cross over
the swinging bridge while looking for clues to help them win
After racing back to the boats, they take a long paddle up the 
Myakka River to the dam at the north lake

The park is a beautiful place to visit.  These scenes are from the actual course.  The Myakka River runs right through this golden grass

With all kinds of wildlife available to photograph

Beautiful Wild flowers growing all around the park

This Limpkin is a large, beautiful bird

A pair of Sandhill Cranes on their morning journey to the swamps


Further up the river the teams came to their next hurdle. 
A chance to gather bonus points from a small checkpoint in the jungle.













At the dam, the teams are forced to portage their boats over
the dam and then paddle the length of the upper lake

Normally, there would be about 6 inches of water running over this dam... but because of the recent drought, the difficulty factor was increased



Everybody had their own thoughts on the best way to proceed.

The Black Vultures waited patiently :)

I caught a ride with my friend Rick Storsberg from 
the T. Mabry Carlton, Jr. Memorial Reserve
hte next stop in the Swamp Stomp race !
More pix of this park on my website at 
www. The Nature of

For more great pictures from the 
Swamp Stomp 2008 Event

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Robert's Photography and Video Services
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Robert's Photography & Video Services
Robert's Photography and Video Services
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