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The racers paddle, hike and bike through the jungle all night and start showing up at the checkpoint at the Charton Reserve at about 6 am 
















Studying the map for the return trip to Myakka River State Park



But before they can head back to the finish line at Myakka River State Park... they have to run or walk the 1 mile blue trail at Carlton Reserve and find a trash can full of Red Bull Drinks and bring one back to the checkpoint.









While they headed back for Myakka, I explored the
Carlton Reserve and captured some of the natural beauty 
that these racers found all along the way.






Bonus Points were waiting in uniqe places along the way
for the teams with time and energy to spare






The park has 100's if not 1000's of wild pigs roaming the Carlton reserve.  This torn up piece of property below (which used to be green) and now barely passable, is evidence that they were here. 

Markers all along the trails at the Carlton Reserve 
help everyone to navigate this huge natural area.

All of this land "should" be underwater this time of year... but the recent drought has taken its toll.  Most of the alligators were forced back into the Myakka River due to their ponds and lakes drying up.  Ask any of the racers how many "eyes" were in the water watching them as they paddled the Myakka River that night :)

At the End of the Race

These pretty young girls were at the finish line waiting 
with lots of cold Red Bull for anyone who wanted it.

I walked the grounds and did little interviews with everyone 
for the Swamp Stomp 2008 DVD I am making that will show
live video of all the things you've been looking at here.

Some had a great story to tell...

While others didn't have the energy to talk

A little free PR for their sponsor at

Some just needed some sleep :)

Awards and Prizes

The awards ceremony lasted bout 30 minutes and all kinds of prizes were handed out.  I tried to photograph all the winners, but it was difficult to keep up with everything going on.  Sorri if I missed your team :)

Rangers from Myakka River State Park and the 
T. Mabry Carlton, Jr. Memorial Reserve  were given
large posters of appreciation signed by all the racers.

Some of the prizes they were giving out 




Better late than never... This team was 22 minutes past the deadline
of a 1:00 pm  mandantory finish time

First Place   -  4 person Team

First Place   -  2 person Team

Second Place

Second Place

Third Place

And a tie for 3rd place

Time to pack up the canoes and head home

Special Thanks to the Main Sponsor of this great Swamp Stomp
Red Bull

It was a long couple of days of playing in the swamp...

but I really didn't have any trouble keeping up... 

It's actually quite easy if you have the right equipment :) 

You know ???

If you liked these pictures... you'll love the DVD.  It will take
me a little while to finish, but I am taking orders.   The DVD will 
be $10 for one or $15 for 2 if I get enough orders 
and that includes the shipping and handling.   I will also include a
FREE photo CD of all my digital pictures if I get at least 20 orders.

If you are interested in having one please  contact me

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Robert's Photography and Video Services
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Robert's Photography & Video Services
Robert's Photography and Video Services
Click here or on the filmstrip above to see the photography, and video services
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pictures of englewood florida
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