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Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary
FantaSea Fishing Tournament

Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary had their annual  fund raising 
Fantasea Fishing Tournament at the Englewood Elks Lodge #2378 
on Saturday October 4, 2008.  The following pictures are in the approximate order that I took them.

 There was a huge amount of silent auction donations from many 
private contributors and Englewood Small Businesses

Here are just a few of the silent auction items that were up for bid

Registration was located at the end of the silent auction

The bar was open and everyone rushed to get a cold drink

Over at the fish ponds... 
I find out that all the "fish" start out dead... 
and are floating on top of the water... 
I guess that helps them with their catch and release program :)
Actually... the fish are all made of wood and each has its own 
bar code underneath.  Each of these bar codes represents a 
specific fish size by weight.

 The Sunrise Rotary Fishing Guides donned their exclusive fishing vests and prepared for the tournament to begin
Of course there are those that have a little trouble dressing themselves

 Realistic fish were mounted all around the room
 And you could see some exotic fish that you hardly ever see....

I mean you hardly ever see Elkfish anymore  :)



The room filled and the guests all found a comfortable place


I of course just started taking some casual portraits of the guests



After Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer... 
the rules and regulations of the tournament were read to the crowd

And everyone listened intently

The dessert table was already open 
and some people took advantage that right away

Then they opened up the dinner table and everyone had a great meal

District Governor Margie Cypher found her way to the front of the line...
Margie represents 52 clubs and over 2500 Rotarians


 The tournament was run just like a real fishing tournament... with up to the minute results being shown as each person caught another fish...
First catch of the day
The fisherman takes the fish to the weigh station just like they do in a real tournament... except this time the belly of the fish has the bar code which is easily scanned into the computer and instantly listed on the big screen in the main dining room for everyone to see.


Once things got going...  it seemed like everyone had a fish story to tell



 The Secret Service Band played all night, and 
consisted of 3 members of the 
Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary Club
Bob Marquette  -  Howie Pearce  -  Jim Costello
You can contact Jim at (941) 321-5790

This one really seemed to put up a fight !
But with a little help from the guide he landed the monster just fine





 Sailfish Sponsor of this event  -   Grande Air Services 

The guides try to point out the best fishing techniques




Of course there were a few that needed a little help from the fishing guides
But it was worth it. 
I mean just look at the size of that fish !!!

Two fishing licenses meant you could catch 2 fish !

You can tell which are the seasoned fisherman 
by the way they hold their fish

It seemed that someone needed a little boost 
to be able to read the scoreboard



As the night went on... everyone was feelin good...
I told this girl that she shouldn't point that thing at anyone 
unless she planned on using it...
This was their reply  :)

Great door prizes were given out all evening long
Don't remember what this woman won... but the price was to be the first to show off a body piercing... and I always get those pictures right.
Best Dressed Couple

This birthday girl even got her own slide show on the big screen
Not to mention a very nice bouquet of red roses 

The band played and the people danced
Or whatever :)

Back at the fishing hole... the points were rising as all the contestants fished a second time.  The combined weight of their first and second fish  is what put them in the running for the big money.
I suppose this is proper fishing jewelry for this kind of event

A steady hand is required to catch the big ones
Looks like she got a nibble... and then he takes the bait as
she slowly drags the small magnet across the fishes eyeball .
And the fight begins as the giant paddlefish leaps from the pond
But with the helpful hand of her Rotary fishing guide
she finally  manages to land it :)

But it was a catch and release tournament, 
so all the fish had to be returned to the pond... shiney side up.




This fisherman can catch fish... drink a drink...
and be molested by his wife all at the same time.
But he got his fish without spilling a drop !
I guess this is her catch of the day :)


" Hi there "









 Wow.   Just look at those pretty blue eyes 
I bet she'll catch plenty of fish with them  :)


Tarpon Sponsor  -  Red Jay Kitchens

Kissing in public... Is that legal?    I'll have to check the rule book :)





Final round of fishing
Everyone tries a little harder...
What a Great Catch !


Snook Sponsor  -  Key Agency

How old is that PFD anyway ?

Tarpon Sponsors   -   Lemon Bay Glass & Mirror

 Unsportsmanlike conduct ?
That's ok... they work here :)


A little more dancing while everyone waited for the final results of the day






And the Winners Are :
$500.00  -  Third Place Winner
#703  -  Kreg Mahue - 53 lbs 1oz

$900.00 Calcutta Winners
(smallest fish)
Jeff & Tina  Koerbel  -  7 lb 6oz

(Sorri, but I don't know who you are.
Drop me a note and I'll put your picture here if I have it)

$1500.00  -   Second Place Winner
#771  -  Nancy Virgin  -  54 lbs

And the $3000.00
First Place Winner
of the Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary
Fantasea Fishing Tournament 2008

#774  -  Sally Davis  -  55 lb 6 oz

$3000.00 !
Congratulations  !

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