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The Redneck YatchClub - 2008
(yes I know it seems mispelt but that's the way they want it :)
Harvest Moon Celebration

Welcome to Englewood Florida

This event occurred on October 18th & 19th, in an area just south of Englewood Florida  known as Placida and / or Boca Grande Florida. 

This aerial photo was taken looking north 
over the Boca Grande Causeway and the old railroad trestle. 

Smoked Mullet Band put this event together and brought in
twice as many boats as their first Redneck event in April.

The following pictures are in the approximate order that I took them. 

Enjoy :)

It was another day in Paradise here on the bay behind Boca Grande Island.  The air was still and the weather was perfect for the outdoor waterfront party that was about to wake up this quiet little paradise
A beautiful day to be out in your boat fishin... standing in the warm water... with your toes dug down into a pristine shallow sandbar
With the crystal clear water giving you the advantage of seeing through the water as you toss your cast net for some finger mullet or greenbacks

My day started with being picked up at the dock by these three girls...
so I knew it was going to be a great day :)

Construction of the entertainment barge was already on the way when we arrived who were setting up the big barge for the bands that would be playing.  They also had a smaller barge set up on the other side that will hold the generators  needed to supply the electrical power to run the equipment 
This space will supply the room for setting up the band equipment
I suppose this guy was on board to keep an eye out for pirates

A couple of the larger boats were first on the scene as they anchored in for a day of music and fun.   The boat below is available for private parties.  Visit for more info.

Followed shortly by all sized water craft looking forward to
a big party and a wonderful day in the Southwest Florida sunshine

On the beach I found everyone already enjoying themselves
And I think it was these three that got me thinking about a fun and exciting new look for my web site... 
a whole full color page of pretty bathing suit tops :)
So I started asking who would like to participate and found that EVERYONE liked the idea... and so... I'll add that page after this one... just follow the page links at the bottom of this page :)

And as requested... 
a few great pictures 
of some of the guys that were at this event :)




But it's difficult for me to concentrate on those "guy" pictures when there are so many much more beautiful things to photograph in every direction :)



Seems everyone is a photographer these days... but that's ok... 
I'm the only one with these quality photographs

And these great casual portraits

But whether I photographed them one at a time...
Two at a time
Three at a time...  or more !!! 
 I enjoyed every moment of it for sure  :) 
And I think these girls above enjoyed showing off their female shapes for all the guys.  I know I was enjoying it :)  Someone even took a picture of me in the middle of  this sexy group... and I sure hope they send me a copy :)
And I think these guys were enjoying the opportunity to 
show off their manly muscles in front of all the girls above :)

And we wonder how they learn these things :)



I thought these bathing beauties made a colorful trio 
on this bright yellow Sea-Doo

But of course... 
in keeping things fair...
I did agree to add a few more guys this time









The Smoked Mullet Band was jammin from the Boca Barge 
in the early afternoon, but it was time for me to leave and 
catch a helicopter for some aerial photo's of this grande event.

Here's my pilot Wayne MacNeil and his gorgeous girlfriend on the heli-pad waiting for me when I arrive.    Wayne runs a helicopter ride 
and rental business called   SkyKing Helicopters, Inc.

And in minutes we're up and flying at 1200 ft. and going over 100 mph. towards the Boca Grande causeway.

A birds eye view of Englewood East & South Gulf Cove

Rotonda Blvd East

The Placida Rotary was having their Nautical Fleamarket Event at the same time as the Redneck's were having theirs... so I grabbed an aerial photo of their event as we passed by.

A look out the front windshield at the Redneck Yatchclub's second event

Looking south from over top the old Boca Tressel

Full size pictures and posters available from
The Smoked Mullet Band













Jut got a note that someone had posted some pictures on the website at

Florida Sportsman

If anyone else has pictures posted... let me know and I'll
add them here

I hope you all enjoyed this waterfront event... and will tell your friends about this photo webpage so that we can have a bigger and better party next time.

Have a Great Day


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