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Plant Native Day
Cedar Point Environmental Park

Sponsored in part by:

The Charlotte Harbor 
National Estuary Program 


The Mangrove Chapter 
The Florida Native Plant Society

  The Florida Native Plant Society promotes the preservation and conservation of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.  For more information you can find them on their website at


Hello Everyone... and welcome to my photo website :)

These photographs are from the 
Annual Plant Native Day held on Saturday February 23, 2008 at the Cedar Point Environmental Center, 
2300 Placida Road in Englewood Florida.

The festivities included an Open house in the Cedar Point Visitors Center.
Master of Ceremonies of the event was Al Squires, 
of the Cedar Point Environmental Center

At 9:30 there was a very informative lecture by Laurel Schiller, FNP
"Modify your Expectations" in which she talked about
choosing the proper native plants for the 
proper places and soils in your yard or garden.

At 10:30 there were 2 DVD presentations.

One was all about Florida Friendly Yards and it took you
to many local homes for a quick tour of their gardens, where the
owners shared their wisdom and expertise.

The other was called 
"Lemon Bay Watershed  -  Past, Present & Future"
I am proud to say that this DVD was written and directed by Bobbi Rodgers of the Environmental Center and produced by myself
with a grant from Southwest Florida Water management.

This DVD will be available for FREE to visitors while supplies last.

At 11:30 there was a Cedar Point Environmental Park Guided Walk
led by Cedar Point Environmental Center Volunteer Denny Girard.
There were also books,  native plants, home made jams and jelly's 
and local honey for sale. 

Plant Native Day
at Cedar Point Park

The first 25 people to visit the center received a FREE plant

Florida State Wildflower  - Coreopsis ( leavenworthii )

Outside there were lots of Florida Friendly Native Plants for sale from Florida Native Plants, Inc.  730 Myakka Rs, Sarasota, FL  34240
For more information visit

 This handy plant and butterfly guide tells you all about the Florida Wildflowers and the Butterflies they will attract and is available at the Cedar Point Environmental Center.


This is another very informative book for anyone who likes gardening in Florida









Of course the most photogenic part of the event was the Cedar Point Environmental Park Nature Walk guided by Denny Girard.  Denny is very informed and can identify just about everything that grows in this park.

No wild flower is left un-noticed as the group took a slow walk
down the Tortoise Trail.  this tiny flower is called Spider Wort.
And don't let the word "wort" bother you.  It just means "plant :)

Rose Rush

Wild Paw Paw develops into a very sweet and edible 
berry by mid summer

Hat Pins grow on a long slim stem

"Leaves of three... let it be !"

Scrubby Oaks are very unique and only grow in one area of the park

Prickly Pear Cactus are good for animals and humans to eat

Yellow Thimble

Spanish Saber have very sharp points on every leaf but produce a very beautiful flower in the center

 Sand Live Oak grow in very dry areas

 Blackberry / Dewberry


Rosary Pea is deadly poisonous


A baby Gopher Tortoise along the trail
Not much larger than this quarter

At the end of Tortoise Trail where it reaches Lemon Bay it is 
surrounded by black, white and red mangroves... 
Each having their own special qualities.
Some root from the ground up while others produce seeds that 
fall and can easily float to another location

Salt Wort Grows wild near the water next to the mangroves 
and is a very tasty snack on a long nature walk

Spider Wort

Caroline Yellow Jasmine

Are we home yet?

I hope you enjoyed yourself at the "Plant Native Day"
at Cedar Point Environmental Park in Englewood Florida
Stop by or call to find out about all their special events
(941) 475-0769

Or look around on this website for many of their nature events that
I have already photographed.

On a personal note... I just want to say that I think most kids today have a
serious "Nature Deficiency".  I don't know about you, but I grew up with
about 400 acres of countryside to explore every day... while the kids today
only have their computer screens.  Please support our local parks and preserves
and help to protect and preserve these beautiful areas for future generations.

"You can make a difference !"

Thanks for visiting

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