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The Englewood Jaycees
Pioneer Days Parade on Dearborn Street

The Englewood Jaycees
proudly presents the 2008 
Pioneer Days Parade
on Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida on Monday 
September 1, 2008. 

While I may have taken over 1000 pictures of this event, my objective is to just show everyone some of the highlights of this parade.   Remember, I don't get paid for any of this... it is just a fun way of donating my time to promote the Jaycees and the Englewood community while I try to show off some of my photography skills... and give credit to some of the  businesses and spectators that participate in this event

The following pictures are in the approximate order that I took them. 


The parade starts on Old Englewood Road 
and then proceeds to Dearborn Street


I thought this large train was a very original idea















The giant ship of the Conquistadors from Punta Gorda

Yes it is an election year...  and I tried to keep the politics to a minimum
but thought I'd say "Congratulations" to my friend Robert Skidmore






Boy Scout Troop 26 was everywhere selling refreshments this year






Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary  -



















P.O.D's   -    Pictures of the Day


Hi Everyone.  Thank you for visiting my website :)

I take pictures almost every day.  I do it for work and for pleasure... so I have quite a collection of great photos.   I usually take the best couple of photographs from each day and save it in a special file called my POD file  (picture of the day file) 
Basically it's what I believe is the best picture I take each day. 

    The above photos are my POD's for this event 
But I don't know who these little girls are... so if anyone knows, 
please let there parents know the pictures are here... 
and that I'd like to send them a copy.

And... just a reminder... remember that all of these pictures 
are FREE to share with your friends anytime.

Just send them a link to this photo web page.  It's easy !

This is how it works... (and it works with all web pages) so why not learn it?

Just right click anywhere on this page
and choose "send page". 

Your email browser should automatically fill in 
the title of the page and the internet address. 

You just fill in the email address of someone that might enjoy it,
write them a short note, and hit send  :)

It's easy... and it's especially  fun 
for those who don't get to participate in these kinds of events.

Go ahead... give it a try :)

Also remember...  that I don't get paid for any of this!
I do it as a community service... (and to show off a bit :)

So many of the photos you see on my websites are for sale.

So if you see something you'd like to have as a hi-resolution desktop photo 
or if you want to make a high quality poster sized print... send me a note and 
I can email you the very hi-resolution photo file 
that will print or display almost ANY SIZE !

Questions?  Comments?  Ideas? 

Drop me a note anytime.

Have a great day


(contact Robert)

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