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The Parrot Magazine
Customer Appreciation Party 2008


This event was held on Friday September 26th at 
Parrot Headquarters - 1001 Corporate Ave. in North Port Florida
The following pictures are in the approximate order that I took them.

Enjoy :)

Headquarters office is painted with beautiful, relaxing full color wall murals

Of course the star of the show is this Blue and Gold macaw named Beaker... one of SW Florida's most photographed parrots I think... 
I know I always enjoy photographing him... and I think he enjoys it :)

Outside they had one of the many Parrot Toys on display
And it wasn't very difficult to get some pretty girls to pose with it

Of course the prettiest was one of  the publishers of  the 
Parrot Magazine 
Kristen Randolf 
Is she cute or what ???

Dave Lutz of  Thoroughbred Golf Carts got to surprise everyone 
with the Parrot's newest Toy...   This black and orange stretch golf 
cart seats six people very conformably.

Another pretty face in the crowd :)

Bar tenders had cold beer and wine to share with everyone indoors

The two man band Beans and Seeds played some great music to get the party hopping.  You can find them listed on my AllAboutEnglewood web site under the entertainment tab.

Are you a local entertainer?  I have some FREE listings for anyone who plays in the Englewood Area.  Visit my web site to sign up.

Casual portraits are always fun... and most people enjoy them :)

But there are always those that I have to warm up to first 
before they'll share a smile

Jack Gray was MC and is a contributing writer for the Parrot magazine.
Jack will always stop and strike a pose when he sees me focus on him.
Although he does tend to take the job a little too seriously sometimes :) 






The food was great... with lots of pizza from Chicago Pizza... 
but I thought this fruit dish was spectacular. 
And of course who doesn't like Parrot cake ?

Speaking of Parrots
Check this out.  Beaker is the Parrot mascot... and I run into him at
lots of the local events that I photograph.  Always ready to pose 
and doesn't seem to have any problems even when I use the flash.
But one interesting thing about him is that he absolutely loves some women.  I mean when he sees one that he likes... he just turns on the charm... and he ruffles his head feathers to show he's interested...
If they respond with a smile.. 
he'll start rubbing up against them any place he can...
Followed by a quick kiss right on the lips if they seem receptive enough...
(I think there's even a little tongue going on here  :)
And who doesn't like being licked all over by a Parrot ?
He's really fun to watch as he goes through his routine... perhaps you should try it sometime.  You'll just need some pretty feathers... 
and a beak :)   Let me know how it goes...
And he can easily make any pretty girl smile :)    " Say Pretty Bird Again "

But then... he doesn't act the same way with all the girls
He'll perch on their arm but doesn't get so excited. 
I don't know if it's the looks or scent or tone of voice

But sometimes he just acts like.... 
 A Parrot

On the other hand... he really doesn't seem to like guys very much. 
And doesn't even like them near his perch.  Go figure :)
I think he's saying  "Get lost Birdbrain... I got some hot women here"

Later in the evening the band Groove Monsters played a variety of music.  You can find them on their web site at


There are still some tickets left for your chance to win a spectacular motorcycle.  Tickets are available at the Parrot Headquarters.  Learn more on their web site at

There were drawings for great prizes all night long

Some very unique but useful things

And something for every age group. 
See she finally smiled for the camera... 
all it took was to win something to play with.

and then there were some adult prizes too

And everyone loves a good shot of Cuervo once in awhile

Here's a nice Budweiser necklace for the guy who has everything




How about a nice collapsible foam coolie for your beer ?


Or you could win one of these beautiful flower bouquets

They have a "Green Screen" painted on one of the walls inside headquarters... and so I thought I'd play with it for a bit.  The object
of a green screen is to photograph your subject in front of it... and then use a computer to remove the color "green" and insert any background you want.  It would probably work well with these two young girls.
However... if you removed the color "green" from this photo, you would also be removing some of the hat the dress and the bouquet.  Green screen is an art form in itself... and the secret is actually the lighting.

And ya know what?   Some say that I take too many pictures of pretty girls and not enough picture of sexy guys... and so...
I thought all the girls would like seeing this fellow act out
after winning this beautiful bouquet of flowers...
He was soooo happy... that he just had to flash the crowd :) 

I think these two seemed to enjoy it :)

But of course while everyone else was partying....
someone had to stay and get some work done
Doesn't that smile just make you want to smile yourself ?




My pictures of the day.  I usually choose a couple of my personal favorites to use as desktop photo's and to share with my friends via 
email as I remind them to check out the photo gallery  to see all the rest. 

I thought these colors helped make a fantastic portrait

Ok Jack... we believe you :)

"Beaker wants that Hot Blonde Back"...     " Squawk " 


Hope you enjoyed the party...

Your questions comments and ideas are welcome.

Have a great day :)



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