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An Art Project... these beautiful orchids were created by the kids at the
L. A. Ainger Middle School in Englewood Florida.  Nice job :)

 At the end of the day on Friday, I was summoned to take a couple 
of pictures of some very special orchids.  This one actually won an 
award from the American Orchid Society, something very prestigious 
for these local growers, and so they needed a really close-up picture 
of one flower to document it.

This one was also given an award by the American Orchid Society... and so it too had to be photographed close-up and in very high resolution. 
Either or both of these pictures could show up in their magazine... Cool :)

 Cattleyas  -  Cymbidiums  -  Dendrobiums  -  Oncidiums
Phalaenopsis  -  Vandas  -  Paphiopedilums  -  Orchids

Hope you enjoyed the annual
Englewood Orchid Society's
Orchid Show 2008


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