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Welcome to the Englewood Orchid Society Orchid Show for 2008

This event was held at the Englewood Sports Complex on 
Friday March 21 and Saturday March 22 from 10am - 5 pm.  I couldn't begin to describe all of the uniquely different kinds beautiful orchids that were at this show... so I will let my pictures speak for me. 

But if you are into proper names... try these :)

Cattleya  -  Cymbidium  -  Dendrobium  -  Oncidium
Phalaenopsis  -  Vanda  -  Paphiopedilum

If you would like to have more information about orchids you can 
contact Pam Bombardieri of the the Englewood Orchid Society at
 (941) 828-0153 or email her at

And just so you'll know... I've spaced these photo's so that you can only see one at a time... because I think they all deserve your undivided attention.  So don't go too fast.  It's time to stop and smell the orchids. 

Enjoy :)






Plantio La Orquidea  -




Quest Orchids  -  12110 SW 43 St. Miami Fl  -








Venice Orchids & Fender's Flora, Inc.
254 Keystone Road  -  Venice, Florida 34292
(941) 412-1355



















 Cattleyas  -  Cymbidiums  -  Dendrobiums  -  Oncidiums
Phalaenopsis  -  Vandas  -  Paphiopedilums  -  Orchids

Hope you are enjoying the annual
Englewood Orchid Society's
Orchid Show 2008

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