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And with the sound of cannons firing across the harbor
The Placida Pirates 
stormed the village and plundered and "arrrrrrrd" alot !




The ships captain stands on the deck aport while the rest of the wicked pirates leave the ship to plunder the village

Boy they sure are...
making some pretty good lookin...
pirates these days :)

The pirates with the biggest swords gets the booty...
and very nice bootys they are :)


But don't underestimate the power of  this little sword...

Or these little pirates :)
Molly  -  Sara  - Peyton  -  Ethan  -  Cole

As the pirates plundered... the band set up the stage...

Jim Morris & the Big Bamboo Band
started to play some great  island tunes around noon on Saturday
Jim Morris and the big bamboo band

Jim Morris and the big bamboo band

And they danced till the end of the day

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