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The Charlotte Harbor
Nature Festival

Underneath the big  tent there were all kinds of crafts for the kids
Its amazing what a kid can do with a paper plate, 
some died veggies and a little Elmers glue :)

The red and white tent gave everything a strange orange glow

This shell game had kids learning the names of the shells 
and winning real shells they could take home with them

Painted raccoon faces were a big hit

The kids got to see and pet this little Box turtle
Interesting to think what goes on in their little heads the first time 
they get to interact with the interesting and friendly animals in nature. 
I personally don't think that kids get near enough nature
in their diet these days

I don't know if this little one was really looking for fossils... 
or just enjoying the shade and the sandbox

Back at the stadium, the crowd fills the sidewalk with moms, dads, grandparents and kids from all over the county

Some of them just a little more photogenic...
than others :)

Our water is IMPORTANT !   Questions?  Comments? 
Call Em!   1 (800) 425-1476  or visit

Worden Farms Organic Vegetables looked great...  I just had to buy some of those radishes..... mmmmmmmmmm good !

Lemon Bay Conservancy  -  Saving land & nature for our kids

To the Hay Ride

A long slow ride on a wagon... 
sittin on a bale of fresh hay... watchin all of nature pass by 
Nuthin in the rear view mirrow except a big yellow grasshopper
Driver Dave Mathewson, equipment manager for the environmental park, stopped the tour to capture and share this magnificent creature with all the folks on the wagon.
Everyone seemed quite interested
Even when he started talking about all the different plants 
that grow in this environmental park

Do you know what the state butterfly looks like ?

These black and yellow and green Black Swallowtail 
catipillars are fun to watch as they devour this plant
They may look a little "icky" right now... 
but they will someday become a beautiful butterfly...
that looks like this :)

I had to stop and talk to the guy from WGCU TV... because if it weren't for public television... I wouldn't get any channels at all. 
I'm hoping that some day they may want to show my 
super relaxing  Sunset-Relaxation DVD  on public 
television to help people relax all over the country.


They're never too young to learn about nature

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