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The Charlotte Harbor
Nature Festival

Got Land?  Need to make it more alive?
Mitigation Banking restores the wetlands.
Barrier Island Parks Society (BIPS) had T-shirts and literature about Gasparilla Island and the Boca Grande Lighthouse Museum

pictures of Englewood Florida

Further down the walk, they had this beautiful Black Indigo Snake
Believe it or not they are naturally very friendly with humans... 
 I even let him crawl up my arm for this close-up

There were lectures in the stadium each hour... where they talked about things like Florida friendly landscaping, healthy ponds and canals, invasive exotic plants, and sea turtles of SW Florida

Misquito control was there to talk about mosquito's
and how you can keep them from living near your house
especially these really, really large ones...
with things like mosquito fish that they will give you
for your pond, that will eat the larva before they can fly

Some kids enjoyed learning about animal tracks
by looking and touching these rubber animal feet replicas
Others learned by pressing them into the sand to see what kind of tracks (foot prints) each of the different animals leave behind as they walk.  I think its a great idea that they're teaching the kids about this.

pictures of Englewood Florida

On the other side of the stadium there were all kinds of nature artists.. here are a few I was allowed to photograph.

Here are a few by Samantha Hultgren.  You can visit her photo webpage at

And I believe she said her daughter did these black and whites
Charlotte County Artists

Charlotte County Artists

Thalia St. Lewis exhibited this unique collection of artwork
You can find her at (941) 625-3385  or email
Charlotte County Artists

Art by Sheri  -  -   (918) 633-1771
Sheri had her own art display, but had an empty canvas set up where anyone could stop and make their own changes.
I think it was a great way to get a brush into these little hands... 
not to mention the great masterpiece she could wind
up with by the end of the day. 
Charlotte County Artists
Peace River Wildlife Center (PRWC) offers help for
injured or orphaned native Florida wildlife
This Cedar Waxwing is in rehab for a broken wing.  They said it costs an average of $175 to rehabilitate and release one bird.
This little Screech Owl will never be released due to a serious eye injury.  Want to help?   You can contact them at (941) 637-3830 or email

Sierra Club offered tons of information about their organization

Florida Trail Association had maps with miles of trails in Florida. 
You can learn more about them at

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Pictures of Englewood Florida
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