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The Charlotte Harbor
Nature Festival

This event was held on October 7th, 2006 
at the Charlotte County Sports Park 
on  SR 776  in  Port Charlotte, Florida

All the exhibitors and programs showcased the natural wonders and treasures of the SW Florida environment, so that we could all learn about the role we play in protecting our region's natural beauty.  Thank you to the many Sponsors & Volunteers who supported this year's event !


Brought to you by the
Charlotte Harebor National Estuary Program

Visit their website at

pictures of Englewood Florida events
Dozens of  Nature oriented items were raffled all day long

pictures of Port Charlotte Florida events

My first stop was at the Nature Walks booth to confirm what time they would be happening, so that I could participate... and I found out the first group was ready to go on what they called a Wee Walk


I followed as they walked to the lake nearby and learned about water quality, and all the animals (including humans) that depended on fresh drinking water, and how little there really was on the planet

Then they all dipped their nets along the shallow edge of the lake and captured some of the local residents and identified their captures with the chart to the left.

While they were capturing nature in the pond... 
I took a short nature walk of my own 
and captured some nature with my camera

It's amazing how beautiful some of natures smallest 
creatures can be.  This "Skipper" only stopped fluttering
for a split second before he was off to another flower

Take your own nature walk once in awhile...
and don't forget to stop and smell the flowers

These are new bat houses on that pole.  I was told there are hundreds of bats that live in the roof of the stadium... and they wanted to see if they would move into these bat condo's.  Bats eat their weight in insects every night... so they're really good to have around.

Then it was time to head back to the festival,
where there were all kinds of interesting things to see and do.

First stop was at the Charlotte Harbor National Estuaries Program booth where they were handing out lots of interesting information and tote bags for adults.

And cool collapsible binoculars to the kids

pictures of Englewood Florida

Light music in the background by Paul Cottrell

This baby alligator was a big hit with the kids

And this little screech owl was one of my favorites
I think he was a bit annoyed that he was missing his daytime nap

Another of my favorites was this Red Tailed Hawk

Who, when lifted into the air had a few words of his own to share


While some kids liked touching this albino rat snake...
Some of them found it to be a little too.... ahhhh.....  snaky

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Pictures of Englewood Florida
Pictures of  Port Charlotte Florida

Pictures of the Charlotte County Sports Park
pictures of snakes and owls and hawks
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pictures of the Charlotte Harbor Regional Nature Festival
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