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Photographs of the Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival
at the Charlotte County Sports Park

5th Annual
Charlotte Harbor
Nature Festival

Skulls seemed to attract a lot of attention from the kids and the adults.  The skull above...
(the one without any skin) is from a Florida manatee...  The Florida Marine Mammal Stranding Network
had all kinds of animal skulls for the kids to touch and learn about and the large skulls on the center
photo below are from dolphins and small whales.
picture of a manatee skull

To report dead or injured marine mammals, please call the Wildlife Hotline at
(888) 404-3922
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

Normally, when I photograph an event such as this, it is mostly made up of many booths of vendors
selling their wares for profit, with one or two non-profit groups mixed in.  But this event was almost
completely non-profit groups with only a few (nature oriented) vendors mixed in.
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

This hand crafted gemstone jewelry and native gifts are by Native Gems & Rock Shop in N. Fort Myers.
See anything interesting?  Call:  (239) 543-1137 - or e-mail
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

Do you like Butterflies?  I like butterflies, and I used to collect them as a kid.  This photo is only
a small part of a large poster that I found hanging at the Peace River Butterfly Society booth
where they had a large glass tank with screen top where they were raising Monarch butterflies.
You can learn to raise butterflies or learn to plant the best butterfly friendly garden plants.
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

This pine needle basketry is by pine needle artist Beth Lane Williams of Port Charlotte.
I asked Beth if there was some kind of special pine needles that she needed to create these
beautiful pieces of artwork, but she said no... she just picks them up out of her yard.
Got pine needles in your yard?  Want to buy some?   Beth Lane (941) 627-8706
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

Sara Williams who had two of her own books there for sale.  The Don Juan Con and The Serenoa Scandal.
The Peace River Center for Writers was there with books of all sorts.   You can find them at (941) 575-1976 or e-mail
Delores Savas lived on Boca Grande for many years and combined her writing skills with nature photos from 
Boca Grande wildlife artists.


There were lots and lots of things for the kids to do and learn.
Above,  three girls sit with a huge box of crayola's, markers and paints...
and as many designs as they would want to color.
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

Or... they could stop by this booth and play with this beautiful and very tame Florida King Snake.
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

Or... they could learn the basic difficulty factors that birds have to contend with every day
by trying to find, catch and remove some plastic insects from this plate of  birdseed with only
your beak... (chop sticks)
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

Entertainment was supplied by local musicians
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

And of course, I always find time for portraits.
(I hear the guy on the bottom right is really a drip)
Nature photography by Robert Shainline

And little girls don't get much cuter than this... do they?

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