My Pennsylvania Vacation

Another great reason to be in Pennsylvania 
was to visit with my son and my 2 grand daughters
Better not to use first names on the internet when it comes to kids..
so I will just call them  M and T.    This is M above and T below.

We spent a couple of hours walking around their neighborhood
taking pictures of each other with my digital camera.


Both kids enjoy posing for me
But T  really likes photography, and so she took charge of the camera for awhile... and I tried to teach her a few things that would make the images better.  She then captured these excellent photos.

She told me she didn't know what else to take a picture of... 
so I suggested she capture a few "textures"... 
and this is some of what she found
Interesting... what she found to express herself

My Class Reunion

Besides the nature photography... and the grand kids... I had another reason to be in the area.  My  ??  year High School Class Reunion.
This is where I went to High School. 
And this is where they had the pre reunion party at a local pub...
in my home town of Collegeville, Pennsylvania.
Here is my 3rd grade class portrait that someone had 
brought to the reunion.    Anybody recognize me in there? 
Here are a few of my old... ahhhhh ...  grown-up schoolmates. 
I'll be making a link to the rest of the pictures of the reunion because  I promised my class I'd share my best pictures...
you can find them by clicking HERE.
In the meanwhile...
here are a a few...
of my graduating classmates...
Enjoying themselves at our class reunion....

I wonder if I'm going to be graded on this ?


I should at least get extra credit 
for making everyone look so good... 
don't you think? 


After the reunion... I still had a couple of days to play... and I wound up spending some time with this pretty classmate.  Of course in school... she was sooo gorgeous... and I was sooo shy... that we never had a chance of  ever knowing each other. 

But now... well... lets just say I'm over that shyness thing  :)

So we went for a walk and took some pictures of what we saw
 on the new Perkiomen Trail near Green Lane Pennsylvania








On my way home, 
I found myself still taking pictures... from the airplane window
Sometimes I just can't help myself...  :)
I guess I'm just an Over Achiever  :)
I found this positive thinking sign in the Atlanta Airport

I for one would like to see more of this kind of advertising !

Hope you enjoyed my vacation photos...

Perhaps you would like to take me along on your next vacation ?

Keep me in mind.

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