My Pennsylvania Vacation

Hi Everybody...

And welcome to my photo website.  These photographs are from the Pennsylvania Vacation that I took from April 23 - May 3, 2007. 

I went back to PA for lots of reasons... 

   1.     I grew up there 
2.     I wanted to do some hi-res photography 
 3.     My son and grande children live there...  and
      4.     I wanted to go to my high school class reunion 

And since most of you here in Florida don't know very much about my past, 
I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my world with you. 

Enjoy :)

I was born and raised in SW Pennsylvania... where the country side is always beautiful and unique around every corner no matter what the season.  Visiting in late April, I found that the leaves were not yet on the trees... but that most of the springtime plants had bloomed.
I spent most of my time driving around and photographing the area where I grew up near Valley Forge PA.

I was born and raised in this old house until I went into the Navy in 1969.  The walls are made of stacked field stone 2 feet thick... and the house had a spiral staircase that started in the basement and made a half turn to the living room... and another half turn to the bedrooms... and then still another half turn to the attic with every 
step the shape of a wedge of cheese. 

The history of this house is long, so I'll just give you a crash course.
It was actually the First Baptist Church in the area, and they would take people down to the creek behind the house and baptize them.

While I was in the Navy, the PA state park system decided to buy up our beautiful little valley and create Evensburg State Park.  They left my house standing because it was a historical site... but did not do any maintenance.  This is a look at my old living room... that was my front door.  The living room  floor where I used to lay and watch TV has caved into the basement since my last visit a few years ago.. 

This is an upstream view of the Skippack creek (we called it a crick) that was right in my own back yard.  The valley that it ran through is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever experienced.

The view down stream was just as beautiful.  All told, I had about 400 acres of countryside to play in.  These pictures will give you a quick tour.

This is what it looked like to come home every day.  I lived in the 
last house at the dead end of this country road called 
Old Baptist Road...

Once the park system owned all the land, the first thing they did was close off some of the access roads.  This use to be the road I took every day on the school bus... but has now returned to nature.

This used to be my back yard.  My dad had 3 boys to feed, and planted a garden here every year.  We also had apple trees, plum trees, peach trees and cherry trees.  As we wondered the area near home, we also had access to an unlimited supply of black berries, red raspberries, wine berries, white and black mulberries, miles of  black raspberries, and acres of wild strawberries... not to mention butternuts and walnuts and other edible plants that grew wild everywhere. 

This little rocky stream ran right by my house to the north. 
We called it "The Dry Run" because it dried up in the summer...
and we'd spend hours catching the stranded fish
and putting them into deeper water.

Other Beautiful places within bike riding distance...

The Audubon Bird Sanctuary
Where there were miles and miles of wooded trails to explore
Overlooking the Perkiomen Creek in Audubon Pennsylvania

Another great place to visit was Green Lane Park. 
With it's huge rock formations left over from the glacier era

Indian Head Dam... 
where I used to skinny-dip with my friends every summer

Down stream from my house on The Skippack Creek

The Perkiomen Creek with the Audubon Bird Sanctuary on the hill

Some of the other things that reminded me of my childhood...
Dandelions  -  New and Old

Blue Spruce

Apple blossoms

Daffodils growing wild everywhere. 
I remember picking huge handfuls for my mom.

Wild Crocus

Looking for 4 leaf clover

Wild Violets Everywhere

Green pastures

and Canadian Geese eating green pastures


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