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Gasparilla Marina
in Placida Florida had their first 
Land & Sea Poker Run
on Sunday, April 13, 2008 to benefit the 
Make-A-Wish Foundation 
of the Central & Northern Florida Chapter 
Suncoast Region

I started out at Gasparilla Marina in Placida, where the registrations 
for the Boat and Car participants were already on the way... 
and included hot coffee and FREE donuts.

Ship store manager offers instructions and directions to the boaters
And each applicant starts out by drawing a card from the box.  Over the course of the run, other cards will be chosen at each location
Basic nautical maps with instructions were handed out to show the participants where they had to go to pick another card to add to their hand.  They included places like Uncle Henry's, Boca Grande, 
Palm Island and Stump Pass Marina's...
Their final hand will be played when they all reach Gasparilla Marina around 1pm that afternoon for a big party event in their huge, covered boat storage building

Moments later the boats were gassed up and ready to go. 
This was not a timed event, and so there was no high speed 
equipment required to participate. 
Neither was there any mandatory stops along the way.  While the entire event was really aimed at raising some money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation... the player with the best poker hand at the end of the day would win $500 CASH !

The new Gasparilla Marina Covered Indoor Boat Storage 
building can handle boats 50+ feet long !

While the boats and motorcycles were out running around the county... the party was being set up in the boat storage facility...
Silent auction items were donated by local businesses and vendors
And there was really something for everybody!

While I waited for the boats and bikes to show up, I took a walk 
around the huge boat storage facility and talked with some of the 
vendors at this big indoor event.  I thought these magnets and 
napkin holders  were very colorful.
Karen's Tropic Fashions  -  Punta Gorda, Florida -  (941) 743-4318

Unique Art Finds  -  Handpainted Feather Art and more...

Fran and Harry Koch  -  (941) 426-3276

Katie-did-it Creations  -  Casserole Carriers   -  A very cool way
to bring your pot luck dinner to another location.  (941) 505-1725

Fantasy Jewels  -  Magnetic & Sculptured Jewelry  -  (941) 416-4631

The Clymers  N and E Watches  -  (941) 204-7376

Home Interiors  -  Decorating Consultant

Need a ride ?

 Jewels by Park Lane  -  (941) 585-1145  -

 The Parrot Entertainment Guide  -
Check this out.  This boy parrot absolutely loves women... and fluffs himself way up every time one shows him any attention.  Silly bird.

Christopher Angel  -  Sharks Teeth Jewelry and Salt Water Fishing Flies
(941) 474-2531  -

Rada Cutlery  -  (941) 698-0721 - Custom Knife collections
A lighthouse cookie jar that plays music when opened

Angelo and Judy Armando Entrepeneurs of Stuff !

(941) 429-6344

Robert Pousland  -  Custom Knife Maker  -  (941) 625-6577


Charlotte County Custom Cycles, Inc.  -  We Manufacture Dreams
Licensed Motorcycle Manufacturer - (941) 764-9265

Sunny Daz Enterprises Collectibles and Gifts  -  (941) 408-1928

Capt. Noel USCG Master 100g ton  -  Sea Training  (401) 413-8109
Sea Tow only $149 yr. for towing up to 50 miles offshore


Always lots of cold beverages at the Gasparilla Marina Events :)

Ingman Marine  -  (941) 697-1000

D & B Nursery  -  Trees - Plants - Shrubs  -  (941) 627-8586

Poker Run  hands are calculated as each of the participants arrive

Leo's Dance Party DJ'd the event... with over 35,000 songs to choose from  -  -  (941) 697-2126
And you could even win some cool prizes 
if you had the answers to his trivia questions

Outdoors, they were cookin some quality hamburgers for lunch
Inside, the Lemon Bay High School Basketball Team was dishin out the Surf and Turf dinner for only $3.00 !  Wow !
Everyone was enjoying the food and was waiting for dessert :)

The bikes rolled in all day long... 
And the sound of them cruisin through the huge open boat 
storage building made everyone stop and look 
When they reached the far side of the boat storage building, 
they had lots of waterfront parking waiting for them
I especially enjoy photographing all the custom paint and chrome
All different... yet all beautiful
A little bit of everything.   Check out this beautiful BMW !

For a $10 donation anyone could stop and play a poker hand
using a straight five card draw from the counter.
This pretty little girl played a second hand just so that I could photograph her... ahhhhh... and came up just shy of a Royal Flush !
The bikes just kept roaring thru the boat storage building all afternoon

Of course everyone is a photographer these days.   She's taking pictures for Full Throttle Magazine  -  -  She said she'd send me some of her best photos... and if she does, I'll include some of them on this website.

Boats and Bikes together  -  Freedom to ride any way you want

Door prizes were drawn all through the day
And silent auction winners were announced at the end of the day

Ed Brickfield ECB Photography  -

Charlotte County Custom Cycles  has some of the coolest custom 
rides you could imagine... and at a very, affordable price.
When I pass by his display again... he's got this very hot blonde 
modeling her shape to enhance the sleek shape of this custom built bike
I only wish I could have had a little more time and a more beautiful backgrounds to exploit this match-up of sexy shapes, colors and designs
Sometimes I just love my work  :)

And I always have time for a few more casual portraits.






And check this out...  Jeff and Maureen drive in on this bike...
And buy this brand new custom bike at the show ! 
I wonder if she'll let him drive it :)

Oh yeah...  Poker Run Winner of the $500.00 cash prize was 
Larry Hendrickson who graciously donated half of his winnings
back to the  Make-A-Wish Foundation !   Very cool Larry :)

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Gasparilla Marina

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covered boat storage facility in Southwest Florida


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