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Pictures of
4th of July
Punta Gorda Florida

The celebration started out with a spectacular
SW Florida Sunset that lit up the sky for all to enjoy

 "The Boogie Men" band supplied the pre-show music



And then it was time for a great fireworks display.












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Hello Everyone...

" Happy 4th of July "

While I'm here... let me remind you again,  that this holiday isn't just about
hot dogs and fireworks... its about FREEDOM!

The freedom that we enjoy every day and every night comes
to us from the men and women that have served in our armed forces
who are out there every day and every night fighting against real bombs.

Fighting at a distance to keep us all safe and secure at home.

Because if they weren't fighting at a distance... we surely would be fighting at home.

We are the strongest nation on the planet...

And we are probably the only ones that can really make any long term difference.

Please support our troops wherever they may be...

Thank You

Proud to be an American
Robert Shainline
(Naval Security Group - Vietnam Era Veteran)

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Pictures of Punta Gorda Florida
Pictures of 4th of July
Pictures of  fireworks
pictures of a sunset
Pictures of  the Boogiemen
pictures of fireworks
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