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The Jeff Cox Benefit


The parkinglot at Will's Honky Tonk was reserved for bikes...
which is good because the lot was full by early afternoon

I asked if anyone wanted a portrait of themselves on their bikes... 
and got quite a few takers.  I'll start with some of the prettier ones
and go from there :)













Inside there were games of chance...
With lots and lots of WINNERS!

As I walked around through the rows of bikes I tried to capture some of the most interesting aspects.  Most did carry the Harley Davidson emblem

But there were lots of other names all over the lot

All the custom paint jobs were very unique

Inside there was a party going on... 
and that offered me lots of photo opportunities

Music by Quiet Fire and others kept the party hoppin

There was lots of cold beer on hand served by the prettiest of bartenders

The food was spectacular... and a $10 contribution 
bought you a really big plate full

The parkinglot was rumbling all day long as people kept coming and going

And I enjoyed the opportunity to capture all the paint and chrome



This was my favorite paint job 

Hangin out in front os Wills Honkey Tonk

As I walked around I found a multitude of interesting things to photograph

Tee shirts are always interesting







These Jackets are very personalized


Tatoos are always fun to photograph
I never know where I'll find them

And the custom jewelry is always uniquely different 











Tickets for prizes and a 50/50 drawing were on sale all day 

Anyone that wanted to de-stress had the opportunity to give this car a whack with a big sledge hammer

The Burn Out Pit was open to anyone with too much tread on their tires
They pull the bike inside a wooden stall... push the front tire up against the front wall... rev it up...  and let the clutch fly... 
ahhhhhhhh the smell of burning rubber :)


A few more casual portraits of the guests so that Jeff can enjoy them too













They must have drawn a hundred raffle tickets for FREE stuff  and auctioned off some expensive prizes all donated by local businesses 

And just before I left... I was standin there mindin my own business
when this pretty girl waved bye bye in her own special way

It was a great party... but for the most part it was about raising some money for a local guy that needed some help.  I never met Jeff.. and because of his condition, he couldn't even come to his own benefit... so 
for me... it was about letting him enjoy the party through my photographs.

Best of Luck Jeff 


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