to the
Charlotte - Desoto
Building Industry Association
Sporting Clays Classic

This event was held on August 25, 2007
at the
Sarasota Trap & Skeet Club

This event had a pre-planned party the night before the 
shoot with an invitation to the 
"Shooters at Hooters" 
Party at Hooters in Port Charlotte Florida

Nora Davis was 2007 Sporting Clays Chairman. 
Here she poses with raffle tickets for which proceeds go to the Charlotte-Desoto BIA (Building Industry Association) and the Charlotte Technical Center chapter of the non-profit group 
FBA  -  (Future Builders of America).

And I decided to have a little contest of my own...
looking for the the most photogenic Hooters girl

Inside of Hooters in Port Charlotte, the crowd grew... 
and there were drawings for many great door prizes... 
I was even lucky enough to win this absolutely beautiful, 
soft, delicate, eye catching, well designed......   T-shirt :)

The contest was a tie... but I think everyone was a winner....
This is my favorite photo of the night.   Aahhhh, I love my work :)

And I sure am glad they wear name badges...
to help me remember their names :)



The Sarasota Trap & Skeet Club
August 25, 2007

Sarasota Trap & Skeet Club is located on Rustic Road (off Knights Trail Road) and Laural Avenue in Nokomis Florida
The machines that throw the clay discs come in a variety of sizes and shapes
The biodegradable discs 
come in large cases
and the machines had to be re-filled in every location
Two of these mobile machines were located at each of the 14 remote firing positions around the club to provide a variety of shooting directions and difficulties

The morning started out with a bang... as this huge cooler of free beverages fell off the back of the cart that was delivering them

It just so happens that the first group I found was
that of the Hooters team...  (imagine that :)
So I had them each pose for a Hooter-Shooter Photo
I was impressed with their outstanding posture
And their attractive uniforms
Of course eye and ear protection are mandatory

From there I just made my way from location to location and photographed all of the teams that were shooting.  The following are
the best photo's of the day...
Sorri if I missed anyone.


I was surprised to find so many female shooters in this contest



Of course I had to stop every so often and do some nature photography along the way.  Just look at this flock of Hooters :)

Each station had someone
to shoot off their clays
and to keep the scores

Bob Calderone  -  President


Because of the long distances between stations...
I hopped a ride with this pretty little Water Girl
named Nicole... and she helped me get some 
really great nature shots.



These "over-under" double barrel shotguns were the most popular at the meet... but I also saw semi-automatics and pump action guns
shooting their fair share of clays

Team Photos

Ice cold drinks were delivered free of charge 
to all the shooters by some very lovely delivery girls

At the end of the day... they had a cook out for everyone
and handed out raffle prizes and awards

Gotta love those Hooters
And how do you like my new Business Card Holder ?

2007 Sporting Clays Classic Sponsors

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