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Halloween Safewalk 
on Dearborn Street

 Welcome to Dearborn Street

 The street filled up quickly around 5 p.m.

pictures of  halloween on dearborn street

pictures of Englewood Florida events

 They was dancing in the street
pictures of Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida
And singin in the parking lots

And meowing on the sidewalks.

pictures of cat costumes

Even this wicked witch was having a good time :)
pictures of  the witches

pictures of cheerleaders
pictures of Englewood Florida

pictures of halloween on dearborn street

pictures of Zorro


pictures of really fantastic halloween masks



As the darkness set in, it was more difficult to find unique subjects... but I think this kid qualified.   I don't think you could have "forced me" to go out into public dressed as an outhouse when I was a kid.
(but then...  we had an outhouse in our back yard  :)

pictures of halloween on dearborn street

a picture of frankenstein

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Pictures of Englewood Florida
Pictures of  Dearborn Street
Pictures of the Englewood halloween safewalk
pictures of monsters
Pictures of  Dearborn street
pictures of witches
pictures of Englewood Events
Pictures of people dressed up for halloween
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