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Photographs of
The Dog Days of
Summer Festival

A fundraiser for
Southeastern Guide Dogs
on Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida
on November 5, 2005

Jeanne and her seeing eye dog Fenway
The Dog Days Festival was proposed by Jeanne Cadman, 
the artist that owns Blind Images, a small gallery and gift shop in the Emporium on Dearborn Street who was given 
this Seeing Eye dog named "Fenway" from Southeastern Guide Dogs School shortly after opening her shop.


It takes approximately two years to train and place a guide dog with a blind individual.  Careful, selective breeding is the first step.  When they are two months old, the puppies go to live with puppy raiser families.  These volunteers provide love and guidance for close to one year before returning the dog to Southeastern for harness training.

Guide dogs learn over 40 commands in their four to six months of training.  They also learn an essential skill called intelligent disobedience, or the refusal to obey any command that would put the blind master and dog in danger.

Guide dogs are considered to be "on duty" when wearing a harness.  It is a natural impulse to want to stop and pet a guide dog, but the guide dog should not be petted or offered treats while "working.

Southeastern Guide Dogs brought along a variety of dogs that were
trained or were being trained to be seeing eye dogs

Maverick with her handler Helen Arnold. 
For more information, 
you can visit their website at
Harley is a therapy dog who works in hospitals and with children with handicaps
Maverick is in training 
to be a seeing eye dog
Southeastern Guide Dogs
4210 77th Street East
Palmetto, FL  34221
(941) 729-5665
Harley poses with a 
possible future owner

I set up a little puppy portrait studio on the front porch of Englewood Glass and Mirror and took pictures of people with their pets, with all the proceeds going to 
Southeastern Guide Dogs





Helping out with all the details of this huge event were
The Englewood Lions Club

Englewood Lions Club
Englewood Lions President
Michele Mason
Lions International

This Photo web page has been
sponsored by

Artist - Jeanne Cadman
Blind Images

362 W. Dearborn Street
In the Emporium
Englewood Florida 34223

Featuring Visually Impaired Artists

(941)  475-9469
(941)  474-2158

pictures of Englewood Florida

Special Note

I'm usually looking for at least 2 sponsors for these
non-profit photo event pages to help to cover the time and expense it takes to make and run them on my website.
But this time I think I'll just add a short note of my own.

The blind artist, Jeanne Cadman that put this event together is going through some hard times.  Business has been very slow over the summer, and she now stands to lose her gallery in the Emporium if she doesn't find a way to make ends meet.

So if you are in the market for a quality painting to 
brighten up your life, I'd like to suggest that you stop 
by her gallery and at least consider one of Jeanne's 
pieces before shopping elsewhere. 

Thank you for your time and consideration


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photographs of Englewood florida

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