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Photographs from
The Englewood Chamber of Commerce
Golf Classic & Ball Drop
at the
Rotonda Golf & Country Club

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These are some of the pictures are from

The Englewood Chamber of Commerce
Golf Class and Ball Drop
which was held on October 7th, 2005
at the 
Rotonda Golf & Country Club



Robert Shainline

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Rotonda Golf and Country Club
Everything started out with the excitement of the $2500 ball drop
where 500 golfballs were dropped from a helecopter onto the green
and the closest ball to the hole wins it all!
photography by Robert Shainline

pictures of Charity Cain & Dave Kelly

it turned out that the helecopter that was carrying the golf balls,
and Charity Cane Kelly didn't have enough power to lift the weight
 of all these golf balls at once, so they had to try it a few times
with lesser and lesser balls each attempt.

Charity Cain Kelly

On the third attempt, the chopper got off the ground just fine, but
when he made his turn to circle the green, had a mechanical failure
which sent it directly to the ground.  No crash, no injuries... just
a very upset Charity Cain Kelly

Hedges by Hedges tree trimming

Thinking fast, Rotonda Golf Course manager Dave Kelly makes a call
to a local tree trimmer and asks if they'll stop by the course and do the
ball drop.  Hedges by Hedges Tree Trimming gets the job done.
Rotonda Golf and Country Club

the accuracy of the drop was so perfect, that 5 balls
actually wound up "in the cup", so the money had
to be split 5 ways... so $500 went to each player... not bad.

While I can't post "all" the pictures I took at this event, I do try
to share enough to tell the story and give credit to those that participated.
Full sized photos are available upon request.  Thanks to you all.

Preparations were made, and General manager Dave Kelly
shouts out the final rules and instructions to the players

The rest of the day was just as exciting with some great golf action.

To see some great golf action on the Rotonda Hills Golf Course
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Pictures of the
Englewood Chamber of Commerce
Golf Classic and Ball Drop
pictures of Charity Cain Kelly
Pictures of the Rotonda Golf and Country Club

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Pictures of a golf tournament
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