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Photographs from Placida Florida

pictures of gasparilla marina
The Pirates
pictures of gasparilla marina

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pictures of placida florida

pictures of gasparilla marina
pictures of placida florida
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These photographs are from the customer appreciation day event
held at Gasparilla Marina, in Placida Florida 
on Sunday, January 23, 2005


Robert Shainline

pictures of gasparilla marina

pictures of placida florida
The scuttlebutt was that there were pirates in the area,
and the chests of gold, silver and aluminum coins had to be protected...
so they called in the local sheriff's department
pictures of placida florida
pictures of placida florida
The local birds took turns guarding the live bait tanks just in case a wild shrimp got loose in the battle...
while others perched on a high post to watch for the pirates flag
pictures of gasparilla marina

The ships store was well stocked with everything they would need
to fight off the pirates... and/or go fishing


The warning was posted for all to heed...

pictures of gasparilla marina

And the landlubbers gather to plan their defenses


But its too late !!!

The pirate ship is already approaching from the west...
firing its 10mm canon at the lighthouse from off of the top deck

The captain prepares his men

The admiral leads from the bow and demands the landlubbers to
 "surrender or feel the whip of this plastic sword "

and also threatens to sick their killer pirate dog on them
who tortures his prisoners by licking them to death !

( The plot thickens on the next page )

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photographs of Englewood florida

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Pictures of Englewood Florida
Pictures of Placida Florida
Pictures of Gasparilla Marina

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