The Royal Order


Ponce de Leon


27th Anniversary Ball


Ponce Barry Gerber & President Ray Lockhart

President Ray Lockhart and his lady Darrryl

 Ponce Barry Gerber and his lady Norma

Director Gene Hamilton & Vice President Roger Enger

Director Jim Jones and Vice President Roger Enger

Mark  VanHaasteren and his lady Nancy Fe

Tom & Carolyn Debray   Charlie & Bev Shoe

Director Jerry Preseller and his lady Patti 

Out-going Ponce Frank Lawrence and his lady Blanche

Bill Dryburgh & Kathy Harrison

Rodney Doucette & Lionel Schuman 

Penny & Nick Ranson    Ted & Jane Beardsley

Patricia & John Hathaway

Darel Swanfeld

President Ray Lockhart

Oscar Dorr

Director Bob Clendenin and his lady Linda

Ted & Jane Beardsley

Norm Stadtler and his lady Aubrey




Secretary Marvin Fitzwater and his lady Lil


Photo's Compliments of

Robert's Photography & Video Services