Methacton High School
Class Re-union Photos

It all started when I received a letter from 
the Methacton High School Class Reunion Committee
I don't think I was ever a really popular guy in school.  But being an academic student, and playing soccer and running on the track team gave me a fair share of friends.   I was actually quite quiet and shy back in those days   :) 

(I hear you Florida people snickering).

None the less... I was a B - C student and graduated as part of the first class that went all the way through this brand new high school.

The Pre Reunion Party

The letter stated that they were planning a Pre reunion party at a local pub the night before... so I decided I'd go and investigate.   Here are a few of the candid photo's I captured at the party.   Enjoy :)






Oh God... They found my picture in the yearbook...  Debbie Clark (right) later voted me "most changed personality" at the party.




After the party... a group of us stopped over to the 
Collegeville Diner for an early / late breakfast.

The Methacton High School
Class of 67 - 40 Year Reunion
(ok so now you know)

The reunion was held at the Worcester Golf and Country Club

Inside I was greeted by lots of my classmates... and as I told each one that I was a photographer... they all suggested I take pictures.
And so... what was to be a carefree party... became an evening of taking photographs of my old friends... (I love it when that happens) 

There was a long table covered with vintage photographs from our past.  Here I am with my 4th grade class...  Can you see me hiding in there?   Need a hint?  I was into stripes that day.

First thing I learned was that they had hired a photographer to take everyone's picture.  Interestingly, I think that the camera he is using was new about the same year as our high school graduation.

Anyway... I spent the evening having conversations with the kids I grew up with... comparing lives... exchanging truths about our past.
The following photos need no explanations... and are in the approximate order that I took them.

Enjoy :)










































Awards and Prizes

After a wonderful dinner, Margaret and Jonathan take over and tell us all about the valuable prizes we could win if we purchased a 50/50 ticket.


Here are some of the winners.




The After the Reunion Party - Party

Of course every great party needs an  After the Party Party... Right?

So again we are all invited to meet for a while longer at DaVinces Pub in my home town of Collegeville Pennsylvania. 

I don't remember much about taking these pictures...





And one final story.  This is Sarah Reiner... aka Sally Reiner... and I think I sat near her in every class since everything back then was alphabetical... RS  SR... you get the picture...

Anyway... I had such a crush on her that I couldn't hardly speak when she was around... only girl I knew that could run as fast as the boys :) ... and I once saved up 10 Dixie Cup lids and ordered her a personalized bracelet when I was about 10 years old.   Then stood impatiently at my mailbox every day waiting for it to arrive so that I could get it before my brothers or parents would find out... and I was about crazy waiting the 6 weeks it took for it to arrive   :)

Of course I never had the nerve to give it to her... but it is the thought that counts.  Right?   Thank you Sally... for being you. 

And thank you to all the people that worked so hard 
to put this reunion together.

Stay in touch.

Robert aka  Bobby Shainline

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