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The Amazing
Anastasini !!!

An interesting abstract when you forget to reset the camera's 
shutter speed when you come inside from a bright outdoor sky

On the fast paced Hula Hoops...  Ms. Chiara
One of my favorite parts of the show.  This girl could pick up a hoola hoop from the ground... with her foot...  and keep it spinning until it she hoola'd it right up into her hand.
The hoops are actually quite narrow, but the slow light levels didn't allow me to speed up the camera... so they appear very thick

With a faster lens on the second night, I could speed up the camera and capture a more natural view
The show was just as fantastic seeing it the second time as it was the first.
This girl is really extreemely talented... and cute...  and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we see her on a TV talent show one of these days.

Ta Dah !!!

The Main Attraction

The only act of its kind in the USA...
The Amazing Aerial Spaceship 

The Anastasini's


The Amazing Anastasini

Anastasini World Class Entertainment

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Englewood Clown Alley

Special Thanks to 
Barbara "Nuzzles"Waters-Riddle
Founder & President of Englewood Clown Alley 303 
and 2007 C.O.A.I. Clown of the Year 

Hope you enjoyed the show

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