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Englewood Elementary School

proudly presents

The Amazing
Anastasini !!!

Master of  Balancing on the Amazing Chair...
Giuliano !!!
Got Chairs?  Maybe you could learn to do this :)

One of a kind juggling act with the Diabolo Juggling...
The Anastasini Family
They played "catch" with this spinning disc frontwards, 
backwards and behind their heads...
And they could all throw this spinning disc all the way
to the very top of this giant circus tent then catch it on the 
string again to keep it spinning indefinately

Luciano and his comedy pound puppies

Nonno comes back with more surprises as he chooses a kid from the crowd to come into the ring and be his assistant
Nonno gives the child instructions to ride this horse around the ring
Which he does quite well without further instruction
Then Nonno brings out the hats and water pistols, 
and they have a gunfight out in the center of the ring
It was a fierce shoot-out... but I think the kid was a better shot...
and he won the hearts of the entire audience.

On the amazing flying chiffon...  Mrs Irene
I can't really do justice to this death defying part of the show because she was so high in the air that my flash couldn't keep her lit
She falls from the ceiling in an amazing spiral as she quickly unwinds the white chiffon from her entire body and stops abruptly only a few feet of the ground

A little foot juggling just before Intermission.. 
or should I call this Kid Juggling ? 

Got Kids?   Maybe you could do this too :)


The Amazing Anastasini

Anastasini World Class Entertainment

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That'sAn Ice

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