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Photographs from
Cedar Point Enviormental Park
Nature walk

pictures of Cedar Point Enviormental Park

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These photographs are from the 
Guided Nature Walk 
down the Tourtise Trail
at Cedar Point Park 

The 60-to-90 minute walk included plant and animal 
identification and information about local ecology. 

For more information and to learn how you can help 
preserve our undeveloped areas for future generations
please call:

The Lemon Bay Conservancy office at 475-9021

Visit them on the web at

or e-mail them @

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pictures of Cedar Point Enviormental Park

picture of Cedar Point Park


Cedar Point Facility

Hours of operation

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Skipper ?
Milkweed ?
A few moments in the butterfly garden
Sulpher ?
Gulf Fridillary ?

picture of Cedar Point Park

Do not relocate or release gopher tortoises. 
Some gopher tortoises may be carrying an upper respiratory tract disease.  Relocating infected tortoises 
can spread this deadly disease to healthy populations.
Good intentions can be harmful !

Signs around the partk will help you understand
some of the many enviormental problems

Early morning flower opening

Cedar Point Volunteer Denny Girard
takes us on a guided tour of the Toutoise Trail

Many different kinds of grasses grow in the park
picture of Cedar Point Park

Tortoise Trail
Sand Oak ?
Large Slash Pine
Womans Tongue
picture of Cedar Point Park

Denny Girard talks about the noticable difference that divides the marshlands and the scrub

Enter the Marsh Trail
Needle Grass
Hermit Crab
Waxed Merdle
Bald Eagle
picture of Cedar Point Park

A Natural Divide between scrub and marchlands is 
caused by the minute sloping of the land that 
keeps the tidewaters out of the pine forrests.

Tortoise Trail
Deers Tongue
picture of Cedar Point Park



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