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This unique opportunity brought to you
Cedar Point Environmental Park
Charlotte Harbor Enviornmental Center, Inc
pictures of lemon bay florida
After everyone had time to capture their share of the local sea grass residents, park manager Bobbi Rodgers goes bucket by bucket identifying all the creatures that they found

Cedar Point Environmental Park

A small spider crab
A baby sea horse
a small pipe fish

An interesting note about sea horses and pipe fish is that they breed a bit differently than most animals.
In their world... the female delivers the eggs, and the male gets pregnant and gives birth to live young.

Interesting... don't you think ?

Cedar Point Environmental Park

Olivia Brown of New York holds a live conch that was found only 15 feet from the shore
Cedar Point Environmental Park

A baby horseshoe crab walking across her palm
An underwater hermit crab in a borrowed shell
A live sponge with many unique residents of its own
A larger
horseshoe crab
A fiddler crab that lives in the mud on land
This large snail is actually a carnivorous predator that has a special ability to open and eat clams.  Its called a conch.
Cedar Point Environmental Park

An egg casing from another large snail called a Lightning Whelk.
The small black dots within those rings are the eggs.
Cedar Point Environmental Park

A walking stick
The trip back to the center
Florida natural foliage
A salt water morning glory
A gopher tortoise on the path
A New York tourist/naturist
Cedar Point Environmental Park
pictures of englewood florida
On the trail on the way back, we had to pass a nesting Bald Eagle's nest.  Everyone was told to be quiet as we passed, but we got to stop for a few seconds and view a large eagles nest in the far distance.  My long camera lens brought in the picture the best, and everyone took turns taking a peak.  If you look closely in this picture you will see the mother eagle's head facing left... with a small eaglet head just in front of it.

Cool !

Special thanks to
The Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC)*
The Lemon Bay Conservancy
for the land acquisition that
saved this area from becoming condominiums

* CHEC is a private, non-profit corporation whose mission is to offer
environmental education, recreation, research and preservation land management
to citizens and visitors of the Charlotte Harbor Area

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pictures of lemon bay florida

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pictures of charlotte harbor
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photographs of Englewood florida
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Pictures of Englewood Florida
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