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The follow photographs are from ECO Week at Cedar Point Park in Englewood Florida.  The kids come to ECO Week camp and learn about all kinds of things.  I visited on the last day when they had Lisa Rhodin from  TLC to talk to the kids about animals.

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Lisa Rhodin who is a Myakka Park Ranger and owner of "TLC", a non-profit organization that cares for injured animals brought this Great Horned Owl to show the children what they look like, and talked about the kinds of instincts and special equipment nature has given them to help them survive.
The Great Horned Owl lives in every state and likes living everywhere... including forests or cities or deserts.  Like all owls his flight is silent, so he is a great hunter.  Its talons are as strong as the bite of a 6' alligator... and surprisingly... this owl can actually kill its prey without even touching it.  Just it's mighty shape silhouetted against the night sky is enough to give a small animal a heart attack. 



Next was the Barred Owl.  A common bird that is often seen at dusk... who got its name from the bar like stripes on its chest.  The Barred Owl likes dense woods near rivers and swamps.  His distinctive call is a rhythmic series of loud hoots...  sounding somewhat like he's saying "who-cooks-for-you"  "who-cooks-for-you-all"

Last but not least is this little Eastern Screech Owl.  While it doesn't really make a very loud screech, this little owl is not to be taken lightly.  A fighter and aggressive hunter, the little Screech Owl is pound for pound... every bit as powerful as the Great Horned Owl. 

Some of the Cedar Point ECO Week Volunteers
These Adventures are organized by the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center and Charlotte County Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources.  Cedar Point Park is a Charlotte County facility located at 2300 Placida Road in Englewood. 

For further information, call (941) 475-0769.

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