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Photographs from Port Charlotte Florida

pictures of port charlotte florida
picture of a fire dancer
Later in the evening, there was this very special show
picture of a fire dancer
picture of a fire dancer
I didn't want to destroy the mood of this performance,
and so I am using only the light provided by those tiny torches
picture of a fire dancer
picture of a model painted as stone
Every so often these models would slowly get up and change position
and/or their location before settling down to be completely still again

Picture of Kasey Duffy  -  picture of Lisa Arhens
As the evening progressed, I captured what live images I could.
Notice how the changing light patterns change this beautiful red heads features
picture of Jaime Ogden
picture of Jaime Ogden
Jaime Ogden makes adjustments to the candles,
and temporarily appears to become one of the live statues
picture of Jaime Ogden
picture of Laura Harrison & Kandece Goings
Drinking and dancing were also on the agenda.
Photographing the moving bodies in the ambient light was quite a challenge.
The party went on into the night... but I had enough photographs to tell my story

picture of a girl painted bronze
This is definitely one of my favorite photographs from this event.
Luckily, long exposures were possible since they sit so still.

I wish I could photograph all of these model in the light some day.

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photographs of Englewood florida

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Pictures of The House of Prime
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Pictures of Port Charlotte Florida

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