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Photographs from Englewood Florida

The Bicycle Rodeo
Sponsored by

The Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary Club
McDonald's Of Englewood

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These photographs are from 
The Bicycle Rodeo event that was held at the 
Englewood Elks Lodge No. 2378
at 401 N. Indiana Ave. in Englewood Florida. 

The event was open to all 
Englewood Area School Children in grades K-5

Enjoy the show

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First stop was bike inspections where they checked tire pressure, chain tension, steering and spokes
to be sure the bikes were safe to compete in the rodeo


I think the new bike styles are really awsome !

Then they had the registration form to fill out... then go over and get fingerprinted by a plain clothed police officer, and pass by the judges stand


And the girls got em too

Sarasota County K-9 Search & Rescue (SSAR) was there with a couple
very adorable dogs.  SSAR is a group of highly trained volunteers
who are available at any time through the 911 system with air scent dogs
and bloodhounds who are trained to help find missing persons.

For more information contact:
Sarasota County Emergency Services    (941) 861-5300
To request a team or for emergengies    (941) 861-5800

Its nice to see the cats and dogs getting along.
This dog is capable of  following a trial of just a few skin cells that might
fall off your body... so I wonder what he's thinking...

I was just minding my own business "Your Honor..."

And boy oh boy...
just one silly little donut joke and look what happens...

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photographs of Englewood florida

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Pictures of a bicycle rodeo
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