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Autumn Leave2008

I had to travel up to S.E. Pennsylvania to take care of some business 
and see a sick friend... I took this aerial photograph from the plane 
as we were landing at the Philadelphia airport

Of course one of my motivating factors was to take my camera equipment and get some 
spectacular pictures of the autumn leaves... one of the only things I miss about living "up north".

This place is called Indian Head Dam... and I use to go here and wade to the far side every sunny day
on my lunch hour from work during the summer to lay out on the large flat rocks to work on my tan and 
go for a swim in the clear warm water.  Below are just some pretty pictures I thought you all 
might like since most are stuck here in this green southern paradise.   Enjoy :)












But this is interesting...  This is the old dead end, country road that I used to live on.   On my first sunny day in PA, 
I took this picture of the road and that line of old Mock Orange (Osage Orange) trees that grew on
the left side of the road because it was a source of enjoyment and something to do when we were kids...
and I wanted to remember it.

Osage Orange... or (Mock Orange) trees as we called them dropped dozens of these grapefruit sized fruits to the road in the early autumn and we always had a fun time throwing them back up into the tree to get more... and / or rolling them down the road like it was a very long bowling alley !  Because they were FREE and only seasonal... we could waste an entire afternoon just playing with them in a large variety of ways :)

However... when I went back to photograph the area again a few days later... it was a cloudy day... and I used my flash to take almost the exact same photograph... and when I looked at the picture I had taken... I find this strange anomaly in the picture.  
It wasn't in my view when I took the picture... but made the hair stand up on my arms when I fantasized about what it might be.

And to top it off it was only a 3 days before Halloween !  Wow.  Tell ya.  When I grew up on this old back country road I saw some strange stuff.  My friend and I once found a gun along this road...  they once found a dead body not far from here... and my best friend and I once encountered a small green UFO in almost this exact same spot.  Hard to believe?  Yes.  I agree.  
And I probably wouldn't believe you either.  However... it is entirerly true !

So... truthfully... I have no idea what the white smokey image is in this picture.   It wasn't in view when I took the picture.  
It was a grey day and the sun wasn't even shining so it can not be glare or flare or anything related to the reflection or refraction of  light.    But I thought it was interesting enough to share with all of you.   Believe what you want.  I just take the pictures  :)

Hope you had a good time enjoying the autumn leaves with me.  But next year, I think I'll go "after" Halloween :) 


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