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Monte Carlo Nite at America Legion Post 113
3436 Indiana Rd., Rotonda West, FL  33947

Hello Everyone... and welcome to my photo website :)

This month I had the opportunity to photograph the Monte Carlo Nite at the American Legion Post 133 in Rotonda Florida...
on Saturday March 3, 2007,  where there was good food, 
and high stakes gambling for everyone.



A delicious hot meal was available in the dining area...
so I took some time photographing some of the people enjoying it


In the back room, it was completely set up for gambling.  You could purchase $500 worth of chips for only $8.00, and that included a ticket in every bag for winning some really great door prizes !


Lots of American flags and American Legion shirts and hats for sale

But the real reason people were there... was to GAMBLE !
And there were lots of ways to do that.

Black Jack
Wheel of Fortune
And of course.... High stakes Poker

Some interesting military artwork decorated the rooms




Door prizes were given out the entire night by matching your 
tickets to this ever changing board of winning numbers

And at the end of the evening, they had a real auction, where you could use the money you won to bid of some really great gift  items


George held up each item for bid...  cute... but not exactly Vanna  :)

The auction started a frenzy of bidding up to the 
value of their gambling chips.

And athe prizes were going fast, 
so everyone was trying to win something




While some had won enough chips to bid on their own... 

Others banded together to raise the winning bid even higher.  I think this bottle of Kaluha went for about $50,000  (play money)

I think this pearl neckless looks good on George... 
(:  matches his hair  :)


The auction went on and the bids went higher and higher...

Here are some more of the winners

Hope you enjoyed Monte Carlo Nite at the American Legion Post 113

The American Legion Post 113 - 3436 Indiana Rd. Rotonda West Florida

For information about the Legion or about future events, 
you can contact them at

(941) 697-3616

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