My Pennsylvania Vacation
August 2007

Another great nature hike through the back woods where I grew up

A friend and nature lover 

A small creek that runs past my old house

Baby Bullfrog on a rock

Fairies take care of their friends in the forest

The double leaf of a vine that grows wild in the area

Tree Hugger

Black Swallowtail

A 6 point buck

The back porch of the Audubon Bird Sanctuary

A unique seed pod

Sunset Dormer

Toad on a Sycamore leaf

My friend Yogi

Chipmonks fill their pouches with food to eat later

My friends' beautiful mountain home

Lawn Squirrel

Perkiomen Trail

Enjoying the country green

On alert

A rock

Feather Art


Rock & Green

Monarch and thistle

Shadows on the bridge

My back yard


Walnut trees

Sunset light for an Angel's face

Alone in the woods



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