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Photographs from
Lemon Bay Conservancy
Nature walk

picture of an eagle in a tree

A bald eagle sits comfortably on a branch
that overhangs the water in Lemon Bay Park

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These photographs are from the 
Guided Nature Walk at Lemon Bay Park 
Lemon Bay Park, 570 Bay Park Avenue, Englewood
on April 9, 2005 for the 
Leaps & Bounds Conservation project
to benefit the
Conservancy's Land Acquisition Fund.

A $10 donation per person to benefit the 
Lemon Bay Conservancy's Land Acquisition Fund was requested.

The 60-to-90 minute walk included plant and animal identification
and information about estuaries and Lemon Bay folk lore. 

Over the years, this Conservancy has actively worked for
the establishment and expansion of this beautiful
200 acre Sarasota County environmental park.

For more information and to learn how you can help preserve
our undeveloped areas for future generations
please call:

The Conservancy office at 475-9021

Visit them on the web at

or e-mail them @

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Enjoy the nature of it all

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(941) 697-6664

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pictures of nature in lomon bay park in englewood florida

Ed Baker talks about the Lemon Bay Estuary and why the mangroves are important

The bay is about 7 miles long, and its watershed encompasses 73 miles of diverse biology

Cheryl Baker talks about
development, and why it is important to save these lands

Slash Pine

Binoculars are an important tool for a nature walk


New sea grape leaves start out reddish brown and then turn green. The grapes are editable but seedy and not quite as sweet as regular grapes

Lemon Bay Parks Bayside trail is .5 miles long and has several nice boardwalk areas along the way

Young black mangrove make seeds that grow to about 10" long before dropping into the water to be carried by the tide

LBC members Ed and Cheryl Baker held this special nature walk at Lemon Bay Park
where they talked about the Lemon Bay Estuary and the history of the conservancy
efforts to save these large tracts of land from development

Conservation of native plants and animals is important

Ed shows how local tribes used to make nets by twisting natural fibers from a cabbage palm leaf

The collection of the fibers and the chore of twisting them into line would be work for indian squaws 

The finished product is strong but absorbent, and the nets would have to be repaired daily

Waxed myrtle comes in male and female and provides a very sweet scent when the leaf is torn

Thorny nickerbean pods protect the seeds until ripe and then open to release them at the right time

Mature nickerbean seeds fall to the ground and many times get carried by the tides

Binoculars can get you closer to the animals without disturbing them

This flowering cactus is editable

The group talks about the many indian burial grounds that have been found in the area


Florida Wild Poinsettia
The red flower is only about 2 inches wide


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photographs of Englewood florida

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picture of an eagle
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