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Kenny Rogers

I only got to photograph Kenny Rogers for a few minutes at the beginning of the show
before one of his own big security guys taps me on the shoulder
and tells me in a very matter-of-factly way...

 "No More Pictures"

I only got to say "but....."

When he adds...

"Shut it off & Sit down"

So I did.


pictures of Kenny Rogers

So all I was able to capture were these few pictures
at the beginning of his fantastic show

And a few more here at the end of the show...
pictures of Kenny Rogers

So I hope I did him justice.
pictures of Kenny Rogers

 I suppose they have their reasons.

Security / Publicity / or Whatever...
so I didn't offer any resistance.

I felt pretty lucky just to be able to watch my old friend perform
from a seat in the center of the 4th row.
pictures of Kenny Rogers

pictures of Kenny Rogers
On a more personal note:

Kenny Rogers
was always one of my favorite country artists.
(even before country was cool)

I first met him (shook hands) many, many years ago
when I lived  in S.E. Pennsylvania, and was going to photography school.

I heard he was going to be the special guest for a food drive they were having in New Jersey,
(he was always doing stuff like that... helping people) so me and a friend from school
played hookey and took off for Jersey to see if we could get some
black & white pictures for our photojournalism class.
a picture of Kenny Rogers

This picture got me an "A".

When I think back to when I first heard his voice...
I remember a song he sang when he was part of a band called

" Kenny Rogers & The First Edition "

Name of the song was... "Condition"

The lyrics I remember were...

" I just dropped in... to see what condition my condition was in "

If you can imagine him singing that in a very
Rock & Roll almost psychedelic fashion

It was a very cool song, and his unique voice was still very new !

Yet after all these years, his voice still sounds just as good !


 Thank you Mr. Kenny Rogers...
for the music... and the movies... and all the
great things you've done to help people
"Through the Years"

It was a great show.

Thank you for visiting Charlotte County.

Hope to see you again some day.

Your fan
Robert Shainline

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