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Eco Week 2006
Cedar Point Park

Cedar Point Environmental Park

Eco Week activities

Day Three

The kids got a bus ride and guided walk around Spanish Point in Sarasota.  I didn't go with them, so have no pictures to share.  But I was told that they had a very good time.

Eco Week activities

Day Four

The kids enjoyed an "Estuary wading trip" into Lemon Bay... 
also known as 

" The Seagrass Adventure "

Everyone was told to wear shorts and wading shoes.  And after a short talk about estuaries
and the importance of clean water for the estuaries, the group gathered outside for final instructions.

Then they hit the trail that would lead them to the water.
Ms Bobbi stopped along the way to see if anyone noticed the mountain they had just crossed. 
She points out that only a couple of  feet of altitude can totally change the look of the landscape.

The adventure moves on towards the water.

Uncle Al waits for the kids and
then helps them into the water.
Ms Bobbi offers direction


Robyn searches her net for seagrass creatures


As the kids find their own unique techniques, the critters start showing up in every net.

A.J. and Justin find the first Sea horse.  A couple of interesting things about sea horses.  First, their entire life might be spent in one small section of seagrass only a few years square... so it is important to put them back where you find them.  And secondly, in the world of Sea horses, and Pipe fish, it is the male that gets pregnant and has the babies.  Interesting, don't you think?

Everyone spread out and found some grass to explore.  Dragging the net lightly across the bottom,
captured a variety of seagrass creatures with every scoop.  The kids took what they caught and
placed the creatures in a bucket full of water that they carried with them.
seagrass adventure continues


Then it was time to see and identify everything the kids caught

Here are just a few of the many creatures that were found
pictures of sea creatures

A shrimp
A Pipe fish
A Sea Star

A Sea Hair
A Spider Crab
Conch eggs

A Stone Crab
A Toadfish
A Hermit Crab

Danielle catches the biggest critter of them all
A very large Hermit Crab in a borrowed shell

I asked her to hold it up while I took a picture, and the crab decided to start coming out
of his borrowed shell.  Danielle did great holding it still even though its sharp little feet
were starting to touch her hand....

Photographers Note

They say that most photographers 
don't like to work with kids and animals.

But I love photographing kids and animals...

it's the adults I sometimes have a problem with  :)


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