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Eco Week 2006
Cedar Point Park

Cedar Point Environmental Park

Eco Week activities

Day Two

The Watershed


Day 2 started with some free time while we waited for everyone to show up,
so I photographed the kids as they enjoyed all the displays inside the main building.

The lecture of the day was about water management, and how our every day lives effect the quantity and quality of the water we have.  The full bottle that Ms Martha is holding here represents all the water on the planet.


As the lecture went on, Ms Martha explained about how much of the water in the world was really not usable.
She goes on to explain that most of the water on earth is Salt Water... and that percentage of water is removed
from the bottle.  Later it is discussed that most of the fresh water in the world is frozen at the north and south poles...
and that percentage of water is removed from the bottle.  Many other things are deducted from drinkable, usable
water, including things like pollution and underground water that can't be reached... and each of their
percentages are removed from the bottle.

In the end, the results of the experiment showed that out of that entire big bottle of water that she started with... that this one single drop represented all the fresh, drinkable water on our planet.

She went on to explain why it is important to understand how to manage the water supply, and how everyone can make a difference by understanding how their own watershed works 
and what they can do to improve it.

Part II

Part two of the lecture was about
Sea Turtles

And they had Missy Christie from the park service there with an excellent slide show and to talk to the kids about the Sea Turtles here and around the world
save the sea turtles
save the sea turtles

She talked about the life of a mother turtle and how she made her decisions about when and where to nest.
She also talked about the baby turtles from the time they are buried in the sand at night until they dug
themselves out and went racing for the water in the early morning.  She discussed many of the turtles
problems and the many ways that everyone could help to save the sea turtles from extinction.

Here are a few of the things that you can do 
to help the Sea Turtles survive

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