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Eco Week 2006
Cedar Point Park

Cedar Point Environmental Park

Eco Week activities

Day One Continued

After introductions, the kids were introduced to their first guest
lecturer.  This is  Rich Dorken, and he was offering a guided walk to an Indian midden, and who talked to the kids about the Calusa
Indians, and how they might have lived right here in Cedar Point Park, and then went into detail about what their life might have been like... and explained how we know. 

He started with a big map of the Cedar Point Park, and told the kids about each of the special areas called shell middens within the park that gave them the clues about how the Calusa Indians lived and what they might have had for dinner 1000 years ago..


And then it was time to take a hike through the park and try to locate some of these special places.

All through the tour, he left time markers to give the kids the impression they were going back in time.
Many of the trails were wide open, but some of the more secluded shell middens were deep in
the forest, and only accessible by following small paths through the mangroves.

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